Ha Ji Won Flaunts Her Beauty in the Pages of High Cut Thrice This 2015


I’m such a sucker for ladies’ magazine photoshoots because the pretty allows me to marvel at the model’s beauty. Such is the case of the collaboration project between Giorgio Armani Beauty and High Cut Magazine (Giorgio Armani x High Cut) featuring the gorgeous Ha Ji Won, who first showcased the use of Giorgio Armani lipsticks as Oh Hana in her latest drama, The Time We Were Not In Love. I agree that excessive PPL (product placements) was one of the causes of the drama’s downfall, considering how Korean viewers make a big fuss out of PPL. Personally, I don’t mind PPL because these productions live off them. Giorgio Armani was one of The Time We Were Not In Love’s sponsors galore that turned out to be an advantage. Thanks to Giorgio Armani’s sponsorship, Ha Ji Won has been selected as Giorgio Armani Beauty’s model, and as Giorgio Armani’s beauty, she’s already graced the cover of High Cut – Giorgio Armani Special twice this year. I love Ha Ji Won’s High Cut pictorials because High Cut’s concepts always bring out the best in her beauty—she could look sexy, innocent, and classy at once. Her High Cut The Queen pictorial back in April 2012 remains a favorite of mine. The Queen—which was sponsored by a myriad of expensive and sophisticated labels such as Blugirl, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Mzuu, Nina Ricci, Prada, Swarovski, Valentino, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, and more—was just perfect in all sense for a queenly figure like her, adding the fact that she was playing the role of Kim Hang Ah that time, a North Korean officer turned South Korea’s Queen. Let’s wish for more High Cut pictorials for Her Majesty in the future. 

This 2015, Ha Ji Won slayed with her effortless beauty in the pages of High Cut three times. The first one, Vol. 142 (Jan 15 – Feb 4), was with Ha Jung Woo to promote their movie, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, which was released on January 14, 2015. They were an inseparable twin in the pictures, and I couldn’t have picked a better concept because the two have the same screen name initials H.J.W., same age, both A-listers and former Baeksang winners. The other two, Vol. 154 (July 16 – Aug 5) and Vol. 161 (Nov 5 – Nov 18), were graced by Ha Ji Won alone for Giorgio Armani x High Cut. Her kissable, deep red lips remind me of Hwang Jin Yi. Enjoy the pretty!

High Cut Vol. 142 —Ha Jung Woo & Ha Ji Won 


High Cut Vol. 154



High Cut Vol. 161


And my personal pick would be this Hollywood pink look 😉 : 


Images: High Cut, Naver Blog

© 2015, cheshirecat1023. All rights reserved


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