[Fashion] Ha Ji Won’s Heels Appreciation Post


On the night before her birthday, we shall welcome Ha Ji Won’s TV comeback and return to SBS’ weekend nights since Secret Garden through the new drama, The Time We Were Not In Love. Adapted from the highly popular and successful Taiwanese drama, In Time With You, starring Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen, that won 7 out of its 8 nominations at the 47th Golden Bell Awards, The Time We Were Not In Love, starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook, has big shoes to fill in. One of the things I’m excited to see in the new drama is the prettyHa Ji Won flaunting her beauty and being a fashionista by sporting different sets of fashionable clothes and sexy heels. Because the last time I loved Ha Ji Won’s character was The King 2 Hearts’s Kim Hang Ah for being perfectly badass and for causing the trend, “Ha Ji Won’s Royal Fashion”. But it was no surprising that she had to dress up like a royal because her character was a royal; whereas, in here, her character is simply a shoe company manager, who seeks a man who’ll love her faithfully. Since it’s a character whose expertise is shoes, posted above is the picture of my favorite Ha Ji Won shoes—a pair of royal blue sandals—which she wore at an event of the movie, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. Those sandals were totally oh-my-shoes!, that was exactly the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing them on her feet. Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous!

But there are 2 pairs of different yet identical heels that I’ve seen on her feet for a number of times. Both pairs are beige Christian Louboutin pumps:


Christian Louboutin Bianca

5 inch. heels

USD 900.00

christian-louboutin-pumps-1 christian-louboutin-pumps-2 christian-louboutin-pumps-3 christian-louboutin-pumps-4 christian-louboutin-pumps-5

Empress Ki Press Conference

christian-louboutin-pumps-6 christian-louboutin-pumps-7 christian-louboutin-pumps-8 christian-louboutin-pumps-9 christian-louboutin-pumps-10

Empress Ki Press Conference in Taiwan

christian-louboutin-pumps-11 christian-louboutin-pumps-12 christian-louboutin-pumps-13 christian-louboutin-pumps-14 christian-louboutin-pumps-15

Empress Ki Promotion Event in Taiwan

christian-louboutin-pumps-16 christian-louboutin-pumps-17

Operation Smile GALA Party in Vietnam

christian-louboutin-pumps-18 christian-louboutin-pumps-19 christian-louboutin-pumps-20 christian-louboutin-pumps-21 christian-louboutin-pumps-22

OnStyle TV’s Go Go with Sis Press Conference


Christian Louboutin Daffodile

6 inch. heels

USD 1,300.00

christian-louboutin-pumps-23 christian-louboutin-pumps-24 christian-louboutin-pumps-25 christian-louboutin-pumps-26 christian-louboutin-pumps-27

Empress Ki Media Conference in Singapore

christian-louboutin-pumps-28 christian-louboutin-pumps-29 christian-louboutin-pumps-30 christian-louboutin-pumps-31 christian-louboutin-pumps-32

Ha Ji Won’s 1st Asia Tour Fan Meeting “Bridge of Friendship” in Taiwan – Interview

christian-louboutin-pumps-33 christian-louboutin-pumps-34 christian-louboutin-pumps-35 christian-louboutin-pumps-36 christian-louboutin-pumps-37

Ha Ji Won’s 1st Asia Tour Fan Meeting “Bridge of Friendship” in Singapore

christian-louboutin-pumps-38 christian-louboutin-pumps-39 christian-louboutin-pumps-40 christian-louboutin-pumps-41 christian-louboutin-pumps-42 christian-louboutin-pumps-43 christian-louboutin-pumps-44 christian-louboutin-pumps-45 christian-louboutin-pumps-46

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant Post Press Interviews


Ha Ji Won’s SECRET Photobook Signing in Japan

Perhaps a personal favorite of Ha Ji Won? These pumps are the simplest of those that she’s worn, yet they look very classic and sophisticated. The color beige makes the shoes fitting for any dress color. And for Ha Ji Won, who’s 5 ft. 6 in. tall, these heels make her legs look longer and sexier. They’re perfect for stylista-actresses like her.

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