Empress Ki Foreshadowing: Let’s Take A Look Back (Part 2)


The awesomeness of Episodes 40 and 41 motivated me to write once again. It was amazing how the drama little by little redeemed itself with just 2 episodes of business partnership between 2 people, who were an ex-couple (but still loved each other), their rendezvous, first meeting of 2 badass ladies and the deal they agreed, mind battle between the wits and the actual treasure hunt. Finally, the drama that I’d known returned. But the awesomeness that Episodes 40 and 41 had rekindled didn’t last long. I wouldn’t say that Episodes 42 and 43 were that bad, only that the previous two had been so good that I’d been really amazed. I no longer wish or expect anything grand from the drama. I’ve accepted the course that fate has decided for each and everyone no matter how bitter it tastes. But if there’s really one thing that I’ll never give up, that’d be my hope for the ending. As of now, I enjoy the drama by just going with the flow without any expectation. There’s only a queue of 8 episodes, and finally, the drama will take Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang out of its misery and set Joo Jin Mo and Ha Ji Won free.

This is part 2 of Empress Ki Foreshadowing that I’ve started. Read part 1 here if you haven’t read it: ‘Empress Ki’ Foreshadowing: Let’s Take A Look Back.

Episode 22


Lady Noh: Why are you sighing? Is it the wrong father?
Seung-nyang: That’s not it.
Lady Noh: Then?
Seung-nyang: It never occurred to me that I might have a child. How will I take care of the child? Am I good enough? It’s all a blur in my mind.
Lady Noh: All first time mothers feel that way. But in this world, no one is stronger than a mother. Heaven gives us strength of will in lieu of a strong body.
Seung-nyang: Can I do it?
Lady Noh: What was your mother like?
Seung-nyang: My mother…my mother loved me more than her life itself.
Lady Noh: A true mother’s heart. Fearless when it comes to her own. That’s motherhood. A gift from Heaven. A blessing in itself. Now, keep your spirits up for the child.
Seung-nyang: Yes, Ma’am. I will.
“Child, don’t worry. Come to us when it’s time. I’ll pay attention, too. And be a good grandmother.” —Lady Noh

Honestly, I wept over Lady Noh when she died. I loved her mother-like relationship with Seung Nyang. I was completely touched by her words. Seung Nyang lost her mother at a young age. She lived alone all those years disguised as a man. She got to know her father years later, but he had to leave her not long after their encounter. Seung Nyang had always been alone and grew up without her parents, so how would she know how it was to be a mother? But Lady Noh, whom she had grown fond of, was beside her to give her encouragement and strength. How I wished Lady Noh stayed a little longer. But then, life is such…

I realized that Lady Ki wanting to be the Empress was more because of her motherhood than ambition. She believed she had lost Byul. Technically, she failed to be a mother to her first child due to circumstances. Therefore, as a mother, she wanted the best for her second child Ayu. She’d take double or even triple care of Ayu because she was afraid of the possibility of losing him like what had happened to Byul when she was weak and powerless. Now she wanted to assure Ayu’s safety and position in the palace, and that was by becoming the Empress. In the palace, it was only power that’d help one survive. A mother will do anything for her child. That was also probably why Lady Ki braced herself to personally ask Wang Yoo for help in becoming the Empress and in installing her child as the Crown Prince despite having all those misunderstandings and not having a proper closure of their past relationship. At the end of the day, she only had Wang Yoo, both as her guardian angel and her secret hero.


“Seung Nyang. I’ll be here longer than I thought. I hate to think of you there without me. You and I will be here in Goryeo together someday. Until then, please be strong. I miss you, Seung Nyang-ah.” —Wang Yoo

*This should have been included in part 1. How could I have missed this?!* It was Wang Yoo’s letter for Seung Nyang when he had returned to Goryeo, leaving her in Yuan as per her own choice, a letter that never reached its destination.

Sometimes I just want to blame everything on Tanashiri and her never-ending jealousy. If it were not for her orders, Lady Park would have reached the temple safely where she wished to give birth, thus, Seung Nyang would also have reached her destination safe and sound. If it were not for her jealousy, both ladies would have given birth properly. If Lady Noh, Lady Park and her attendants were not killed and if Seung Nyang didn’t lose her precious Byul, she wouldn’t have made a U-turn to the Yuan palace to avenge them all. And if the massacre didn’t happen, Seung Nyang might have been with Wang Yoo and Byul in Goryeo by now.

I know, if things turned out the way I wanted them to be, there would have been no Empress Ki at all. But putting the for-the-sake-of-the-drama aside, Seung Nyang chose to be left behind in search of the Blood Vow, a tool that would help both Ta Hwan and Wang Yoo—Ta Hwan in ousting Yeon Chul while Wang Yoo in regaining his throne. However, as we had seen, with or without the Blood Vow, Ta Hwan successfully managed to kick Yeon Chul out with the help of Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo. If my memory serves me right, Ta Hwan didn’t even reveal the real Blood Vow to Yeon Chul, only to the governors to gain their support. All he knew was that the Blood Vow, written by the late Emperor, had a butterfly symbol in it. That alone was enough for him to know that the Blood Vow shown by Yeon Chul was fake. It wasn’t necessary to get a hold of the Blood Vow. It was carried out for the drama’s sake, to make believe that such letter existed. Come to think of it, Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang split for nothing. Too bad Seung Nyang was stuck between Wang Yoo and Ta Hwan. Without her, the King and the Emperor might have developed close political ties, hence, their reign could have changed Goryeo and Yuan’s relationship for the better after the years of colony-colonizer relationship.

“You and I will be here in Goryeo together someday.” Will it happen? Wang Yoo will be back to Goryeo as what we’ve seen in Episode 1, but how about Seung Nyang? I believe she will. Well she has to. Because as a patriot, she should come back to her homeland victoriously. There’s no place like home. She may have all the power in Yuan, but power isn’t everything. There’s no place like Goryeo where she could be happy to the degree of that she felt when she was still The Jackal years ago. Goryeo…together…someday… Will it be?

Episode 24


“Seung Nyang-ah, you and the pain you felt are deep inside my heart. I will repay them ten thousand fold. Wait and see, Seung Nyang-ah.” —Wang Yoo


“This is the last tear I shed for you, Your Majesty. For the sake of our powerless people, take back your throne. Now I must go on my own way. My father, my baby, my friends…I will avenge them in my own way.” —Seung Nyang

Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang are really admirable, together and individually on their own merits. I admire them because of the love they have for Goryeo. They don’t only live for themselves or for each other, they live for their people, which is why they are befitting to be Goryeo’s King and Queen. *Why must this drama be EMPRESS Ki?! Why? WHY?!~* To me, what makes Lady Ki’s marriage to Ta Hwan acceptable is the fact that she and Wang Yoo sacrificed their love for the country they both love. Let’s just say that Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang are the father and mother of the Goryeo nation. Let’s compare Goryeo to their offspring. Isn’t it that parents will sacrifice all the things they hold dear for their child? That makes them brilliant! I love how the drama has turned the infamous King Chunghye (the Goryeo King in which the fictional character Wang Yoo is based) to a righteous King and the quisling Empress Ki (in the history) to a patriot.

I wish the drama would show more of the patriotic Lady Ki/Empress Ki. Is that even possible in just 8 episodes left? Wang Yoo has done his part, but Lady Ki seems to be just starting.

Episode 27


Ta-hwan: I have made up my mind. Don’t talk about revenge.
Seung-nyang: Do you know what I’ve lost just to be here?
Ta-hwan: Fine. Tell me. Your precious Wang Yoo?
Seung-nyang: I’ve lost everything…all that I held dear.

At first I thought I’d like the idea that Ta Hwan let Seung Nyang stay by his side despite knowing her real purpose as a way to help her in the revenge mission and also to give her a reason to forgive him for deeming her father guilty. I’ve never doubted his love for Seung Nyang, but lately, that one-sided love is turning into obsession. I thought he was willing to do what he could to help her and to atone for his sin without wanting anything in return, but I was wrong. He turned out to be the one dependent on Seung Nyang instead of Seung Nyang dependent on him and on what he could do to help her. He couldn’t even make her the Empress because of the opposition of the people around him that she even had to ask other man to help her reach that position.

When Seung Nyang stepped in the palace and became Lady Ki, she never once thought of Wang Yoo, but she was always in Wang Yoo’s mind, thinking that she was dead. I knew love was no longer her priority the moment she chose that path because she herself knew that there was no turning back. When Ta Hwan asked her if it was Wang Yoo that she’d lost, she didn’t answer yes nor did she answer no, she said everything. It’s just right to say that Wang Yoo was the everything that she’d lost at that time, right? Not only Wang Yoo but also everything that he represented in her life including the life that she could have had with him and with their child in Goryeo. For two people in love, they are each other’s everything. You-are-my-everything or you-mean-the-whole-world-to-me may sound cliché, but that’s true. What made Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang different was that they might be each other’s everything, but that everything had its limitations. Everything should be in moderation. Too much love can make one go mad (see: Ta Hwan). Loving a very strong woman is sometimes a curse (see: Wang Yoo).

Episode 28


“There is someone you care for…care for very deeply. But such a rare and precious jewel cannot be hidden. Leave this place and go to a far away place if you want to be together.

Yes, I’m holding onto this ship!!!

I once said that Wang Yoo was too good for Lady Ki. I also believed that Wang Yoo’s Seung Nyang had died long ago. But Episodes 40 and 41 made me think twice. I could still see a glimpse of the old Seung Nyang in Lady Ki, the old Seung Nyang who hated injustice and seeing Goryeo under Yuan oppression. And I’m waiting to see what she plans to do now that the nature of the Yuan people is clear to her. Will she do anything to prove her loyalty to Goryeo?

This is exactly the kind of ending that I want for this drama. Seeing Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang living happily ever after in faraway obscurity, leaving politics and their high positions behind. After having gone through the worst or if there’s still something worse than the worst that’s yet to come, Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang truly deserve to be free and to be happy. I think perhaps it’s because they still have to complete their respective duties as the pillars of Goryeo, which is why circumstances keep on separating them whenever they cross paths. Maybe they have to part ways and go on their separate journeys first before they could meet at a certain point? In life, there’s always that biggest challenge that one has to face and overcome.

EKep41_1 EKep41_2

I’ve watched a number of K-dramas before, but the OTP of Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang is the only pair that has given me SO MUCH heartbreak. If the drama wouldn’t give a Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang ending, then at least make sure that Wang Yoo and Byul will have their happy ending in Goryeo. Still, no matter how many times circumstances separate two people, no matter how far they are, no matter how much pain they go through, no matter how long it takes, if they’re really meant for each other, they’ll be together in the end. That’s destiny. This wouldn’t have been included in Wang Yoo’s letter for nothing, You and I will be here in Goryeo together someday.”

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3 thoughts on “Empress Ki Foreshadowing: Let’s Take A Look Back (Part 2)

  1. excellent analysis, I also wanted a love story between SN and WY and a happy ending
    but unfortunately in this drama love is on the last place but anyway I like this drama bc I love HJW

  2. But, related to the real history, I read on wikipedia, Ki Seung Nyang was the second empress and she lived longer than Ta Hwan.

    Wang Yoo is a fictional character and…I am sure he will never end up with Ki SeungNyang

  3. Hopeless to see the storyline. Maha has died. I’ve give up on WangNyang loveline since long ago. I just hope for WangByul happiness but it seems never be happen. Why Maha/Byul exist until this far if PD just wanna make him die was so pitiful. His death was so senseless. Maha-yah…. tell me this is just a prank that you’re not actually died. Maha-yah….. 😥

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