The King 2 Hearts—The Majestic World of Royalty and Communists


March 21st is a date that I’ll never forget as it marks the birth of the K-drama that introduced me to the broader range of experience in the world of K-dramaland. I had been watching K-dramas before this drama came, but what’s special about it is that it was the first ever drama that I followed up-to-date, filming schedules and sometimes even live updates from the filming location, new spoilers for the upcoming episodes and live streaming of the new episode every Wednesday and Thursday nights. I’ll never forget the 20 wonderful Kingdays. It was an exciting and overwhelming experience that I’ll never forget, hence, I’ll always truly cherish this drama. It’s been 2 years, and in those 2 years, numerous dramas came and left, but among those that I watched, nothing quite like made me feel the indescribable feeling that I felt during the good old days. Up to these days, I have yet to give full attention and much love to any other drama to the same degree of that that I gave to The King 2 Hearts, the reigning K-drama in my heart. I doubt other drama can easily replace TK2H’s position in my heart or even share the same spot with it. I’d say that TK2H’s impact and influence on me were immeasurable that I always tend to look for its distinctive qualities in the dramas that I’m watching, and I always fail because I haven’t seen one. TK2H must be really special for me to still feel the longing for its era and for me to remember all the memories once in a while after 2 years. I can say that I’m still head over heels for Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s love that bravely transcended the DMZ. I’m proud of TK2H, but I’m more proud of its OTP because they made me believe in many things, which all seemed impossible at first, one of which was that the past of their respective countries don’t define who they are, their present and their future because they can make a big difference out of love.

I won’t argue that TK2H isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially to the Korean viewers. Its story centers around the sensitive aspects of the true-to-life separation of the two Koreas, which the Koreans themselves may not like. It’s not perfect, but once you catch the real heart of the show, there’s a big possibility that it may win your heart. Quoting one blogger, “It may not be a winner in terms of the ratings, but in terms of the script, the directing, the actors and everything else that the show represents, it truly deserves the title of King.”  It’s the perfect combination of suspenseful romance and tense political drama as a complete package that made the drama a winner in my eyes. For this, I’ll always be thankful to TK2H for making me fall in love with K-dramas all over again.


“I can’t say that I’ll die old and alone only thinking of you. But you’ll always be in a part of my heart. Like a shadow.” It’s a line in one particular scene from the finale, and every time I watch this melancholy scene, I can’t help but have poignant feelings. Just like Jae Shin’s love for her late royal guard, I can’t say that TK2H will be my no.1 for the rest of my life. But just like how that first love will always be in part of Jae Shin’s heart, TK2H will always have a special place in my heart. Its legacy is simply exceptional.

A walk down memory lane with Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won’s OTP and Jo Jung Suk & Lee Yoon Ji’s STP 

TK2Hotp TK2Hstp

MY Top 5 Best STP Moments


TK2Hep18 TK2Hep18_02

Shi-kyung: I’ll be taking a short vacation.

Jae-shin: Why?

Shi-kyung: I’ll give you homework. When you complete it, I’ll return.

Jae-shin: You’re lecturing again.

Shi-kyung: Say “It’s not my fault” a hundred times a day.

Jae-shin: You do that, too. A hundred times.

Shi-kyung: Yes. And laugh three times a day, even if it’s forced. Make sure you attend all your counseling sessions. You can’t skip your rehab therapy either. And you have to practice being in front of people.

Jae-shin: Yes. I’ll do that.

Shi-kyung: You have to start singing again, too.

(Episode 18)



“Do you remember the night we saw the shooting star? I didn’t see it. Because you, Princess, were shining more brightly.” —Shi Kyung (Episode 13)


TK2Hep15_02 TK2Hep15_03

Jae-shin: I’ll start my treatment again. To be honest, I stopped going to counseling because it was too hard. But, I’ll start again. I’ll get my memory back.

Shi-kyung: No, that’s okay. If it’s too hard, you don’t have to.

Jae-shin: Have you given up on me?

Shi-kyung: No…

Jae-shin: I like you. The world’s most frustrating and un-fun one leader of the royal guard…I like him. Say something…

Shi-kyung: You must be…You must be having a really hard time. Psychological trauma. When people are weak…

Jae-shin: You’re right. I’ve gotten weak. All along, I’ve wanted to have you sit next to me. When I’m with you, I want to act childish and joke around. I want to pick fights… And then I realized…ah, I like this person. So, don’t give up on me. I’ll be courageous like you. I’ll become a woman who befits you. Wait and see.

(Episode 15)


TK2Hep20 TK2Hep20_02

“I can’t say that I’ll die old and alone only thinking of you. But you’ll always be in a part of my heart. Like a shadow.” —Jae Shin (Episode 20)



TK2Hep19_02 TK2Hep19_03

“I was going to write you a letter, but I have a bad handwriting. About the kiss earlier…I’m sorry. I was a coward. I thought that because I’m dull and boring, the second I showed any weakness, you’d get sick of me. That’s why I was going to keep my feelings to myself…but I couldn’t. Since the first time I met you, I liked you. You were so carefree and confident, qualities I don’t have. I thought tens of thousands of times, I wanted to be someone that you could like. I know I wasn’t a good match for you. That’s why I got the courage this time. I want to be someone that would be a good match for you. If you’re watching this… No… It’s nothing. I’m sure you won’t get to see this. It’s not like I’m going there to die. I’ll return as a better man. I’ll return someone as impressive and bold as you are. And I’ll tell you myself in person. That I love you.” —Shi Kyung (Episode 19)

MY Top 12 Best OTP Moments (I can’t choose only 10, so let’s make it 12.)


TK2Hep4 TK2Hep4_02

“Today is a very good day. There are so many clouds…The sun is out. Lie down for a second. It’s hard to meet such a wonderful day during the winter. What’s the point of all these worries? You have to enjoy moments like this to be really alive.”  —Hang Ah (Episode 4)



“Bach and Gounod… They were born at different times, different places. But still, it’s amazing how their music flows so harmoniously.” —Jae Ha (Episode 6)



“Natural 3-Step Skin Care Project for Kim Hang Ah, who went through so much taking care of a useless man, getting accustomed to in laws and suffered a miscarriage…”

“I’m sorry… Thank you… I love you…” —Jae Ha (Episode 12)



“I’m sorry, Hang Ah… I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. I know. I get it now. Seeing you like this…how scared you were, how difficult it was for you. I’m sorry, Hang Ah. I vowed I’d make you happy, but I’m a powerless bastard. I’m really sorry.” —Jae Ha (Episode 18)


TK2Hep19_04 TK2Hep19_05

“I’m sorry. Unlike ordinary people, we can’t hold hands. I can’t treat you delicious cups of tea. We can’t even go out for a walk together. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry for always yelling, I’m sorry for making you mad. I said I’d make you happy, but I’ve only made you suffer through hardships. I’m really sorry. That’s why I can’t let you go. Now, without you, I won’t be able to do anything.” —Jae Ha (Episode 19)


TK2Hep13 TK2Hep13_02

“People think fondly of their first love and want to remember it forever. But I don’t know. I just want to forget about it. She only cared about my royal title and the other kids too. That’s when I gave up. I told myself that all the people in the world are like that. I gave up and enjoyed it. Even when I happened to meet someone good, I’d always put up a wall and not trust them. Living like that made me lonely.”

“Thank you for being by my side.” —Jae Ha (Episode 13)



Hang-ah: Why? Are you scared?
Jae-ha: Yes… I’m scared of everyone except you. I can’t trust people.

(Episode 16)


TK2Hep20_04 TK2Hep20_05

Jae-ha: Come here first. I’ll send a car for you right away.
Hang-ah: I…I’ll go to the North. The situation has left the South and the North completely separated. Since there’s no way to talk to each other, the only thing remains is war.
Jae-ha: We’ve always left the line open. North Korea disconnected the hot line unilaterally.
Hang-ah: Exactly. I’ll reconnect it again. I’ll go and tell your intentions directly to them and persuade them not to make war.
Jae-ha: I said there’s no way we can talk to each other. The situation might be changed every second, how can…
Hang-ah: Your heart is the same with my heart, right? Even though the situation might be changed, our hearts won’t change, right?
Jae-ha: So, you’re saying you’ll really go to the North? Even if there might be a war?
Hang-ah: I want to be with my dad for a long time. And I also want to be with Your Majesty for a long time. That’s why I’m leaving. To see you again, I’m going.
Jae-ha: Hang Ah…
Hang-ah: You’re certainly going to stop this war, right? I’ll do the same. If we only remember these intentions, we’ll see each other again. I love you…

(Episode 20)



Jae-ha: The situation doesn’t seem good. Sparks fly here and there.
Hang-ah: If ‘Omani’ is twice said, it may lead to war.
Jae-ha-: But still, we’ve already stopped a war.
Hang-ah: That’s true. Just as long as we don’t give up.
Jae-ha: Are you ready?
Hang-ah: Yes.
Jae-ha: I love you.

(Episode 20)


TK2Hep16 TK2Hep16_02TK2Hep16_03

“Your sadness is just temporary. It’ll all pass someday.” —Hang Ah (Episode 16)



“Should I shoot? Why? Do you think I won’t be able to kill the person I love. I can kill this comrade. Then, I can just die with him.”

“I’ll follow you right after, Comrade Lee Jae Ha.” —Hang Ah (Episode 20)



“I’m going to shower you with kisses every morning…for revenge. I’m going to follow you around everyday like a stalker. I’m going to buy you everything you want. I’ll never cheat on you. You’ll be the only one in my eyes. I’ll never let you shed another tear drop. I’ll make you the happiest Queen in the world. I’ll love you alone until the day I die. That’s my revenge. Can you handle that, my Queen? Right now, I’m officially proposing to you.” —Jae Ha (Episode 12)


Happy 2nd Anniversary, TK2H! Happy 2nd Anniversary to the wonderful friendship of all the Hearties all over the world! Thank you for all the beautiful memories!

© 2014, cheshirecat1023. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “The King 2 Hearts—The Majestic World of Royalty and Communists

  1. one of the best Kdrama I ever see so far and one of the more underrating Kdrama, thank you for this article

  2. Omg omg omg I was searching for empress ki reviews for a while and then I found your blog! I couldnt like the reviews on koalaplayground and dramabeans didnt hav any either. I love HJW and Joo Jin Mo just kills me with his eyes in this drama! And then I found this post, and I made a decision, im soooooo gonna bookmark this and read everything you wrote here! Im still on ep19, so the feels is still going strong. Aha!

    Also another hard core fan of TK2H who constantly rewatch the dramas from time to time (after 2 yrs!) and still giggling abt HJW and LSG catching up on stage at MBC Award too 🙂

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